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    These page where created basicly in the founding phase of Crone & Co, and when I was mostly working as an independent marketing and communication consultant.

    Having a wide marketing background I have been working as an independant consult within all aspects of marketing communication.

    Year end 2004 I founded Crone & Co. Founded with a strong believe in experience-based live communication. Crone & Co´s prime focus and interest is to build communication solutions based on fysical communicative experiences. Live experiences such as event, sponsorship and entertainment strategies and tactics within business to business, business to consumer and NGO´s.

    Based on live events, and with an integrated marketing communication understanding, I want Crone & Co to support clients in creating real and lasting relations with their employees, customers and stockholders.

    You are very welcome to contact me. Thank you for visiting my homepage.

    Kind regards                                                                                                            René Crone

    Call: +45 25 15 03 10                                                                                          Mail:

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